No, This is My Daughter!

I just picked up my kids from school and we went to the local library. They wanted to use the computers to play math games. I needed to work for a bit anyway, so I got them situated across from each other. I squatted down beside my daughter and was talking to her about the game she was playing – she was purposely trying to lose because it would pop the balloons.

I hear a woman from behind the counter say in a perturbed voice, “That’s my niece!” I ignored her at first because in my mind I knew she couldn’t be talking to me because I have no sisters or sister-in-laws in this backward town – or state for that matter. Again, she says – this time louder and with more indignation – “THAT’S MY NIECE!” I look up, and she’s giving a look that tells me she’s very displeased with me. She repeats, “THAT’S MY NIECE!” Without thinking, I say, “Her? That’s my daughter!”

“No, THAT’S MY NIECE!” she says. I ask – slightly confused at this point, “what are you talking about?” She motions for me to move away, as she repeats, “THAT’S MY NIECE!” By this time, everyone in the library is looking at me like I’m some horrible person – shaking their heads and giving me dirty looks, and a few people stand up in my direction.

I’m thinking shit – this is going to get ugly. I say “no…” and pause to quickly look at my daughter – thinking, maybe I made a mistake? Little ones move without telling you (she’s nine), maybe they changed places? But no, it’s definitely my daughter.

“.. this is MY daughter, what are you talking about?” I ask?

Her “niece” calls from the other side of the library, “I’m over here.” I look over there. She’s wearing a red top, has brown hair, and is wearing jeans. My daughter has blonde hair, is wearing a purple T-shirt, and black skirt. Not even close.

The woman behind the desk looks over at her niece, and then back to me. “Well, my niece was there,” she barks at me. “Did you take the computer from her?” Her niece tells her, “I was done so I went to read.”

I understand that people make mistakes, but she publically humiliated me and put me in a situation where I felt my life was in danger (because of the people who were ready to kick my ass). She accused me of being a pervert basically. And then, she accused me and my daughter of stealing the computer to try to recover from her previous accusations.

Twenty minutes later, she’s still giving me a dirty look, watching me. I’m angry inside, but I’m holding my tongue because this is my kid’s library. I don’t want to ruin it for them. But, I’ve still been publically humiliated and accused – she could apologize, but she doesn’t.

Oh, and to top it off? That’s not even her niece!

I’m tired of people assuming. Whether it’s some busybody at the park asking, “which one is yours?” when she doesn’t have a child there herself, people asking, “is this your daughter” when I comb my daughter’s hair in public, or people at my children’s school giving me the run-around or asking “is that OK with her mom?” I shouldn’t have to explain myself to nosey strangers who interrupt me and my daughter. If she was screaming “I don’t know you,” that would be one thing. But, when I’m spending time with my daughter – it’s not your right to ruin it.

Hillary: I will create my own exchange for the red phone

While campaigning in New York on Tuesday, Hillary asked the crowd, “do you really want the Donald to have access to the ‘red phone?'” The crowd answered “no” in unison.

Hillary went on to say, “you know my record. I have a proven record of protecting security. Secure means secure.”

She went on to say that Donald Trump wants to “trust the ‘red phone’ to AT&T, but if I’m elected, I will I’ll tell you right now – I won’t.”

“When I become president, I’ll create a VOIP server on the same server I used for my email. It’s secure and we don’t have to give Russia access. Because they already have it!”

President Obama Orders Nation’s Flags to Half-mast As Nation Realizes, “Oh fuck, We’re Screwed”

Friday night, Obama asked the nation to “bring your flags to half-mast, as we mourn the end of America, and acknowledge ‘we are screwed'”

The president went on to say that, “this year has been one of the deadliest election cycles yet. You know, eight years ago, I set out to stop this violence – and I honestly thought I could. I wanted to save the American people – to put an end to bloodthirsty, racist, war-mongering politicians. And, I must say – I actually did stop her – for the time being. I thought we’d won.”

President Obama went on to say that while he was able to hold off the impending doom for eight years, it just wasn’t enough time for the American people to “wake up.”

“I prevented her from committing monumental bloodshed. But tonight, I must be frank with you. Tonight, I’ve learned that America faces a very bleak future,” he said. “Either under a president who will take us to war, has a long history of promoting racism and violence, and who has supported and given aid to terrorist in exchange for money, or under a president who’s quite possibly insane enough to either end the cold war or start world war three.”

“Of course, there is another choice – Liberty – but let’s be real. We all know American’s don’t like her because with more liberty comes more personal responsibility. And to be honest – who wants that?” he laughed. “I know I don’t!”

Why I Deleted My Uber App, And You Should Too

Did you know the average Uber driver makes just 6¢ an hour? And with Uber’s incessant desire to keep riders from tipping, they threatened to cut off drivers who accepted tips. After the courts told them they could not forbid tips, Uber published a piece on Medium to try to defend their anti-tipping stance, and encourage customers not to tip. They out explained that they considered adding the ability to tip to the app, but decided not to.

I’m sure you’re thinking – but the ads say make up to $35 an hour! That seems like a decent pay. Well, that’s just not accurate. You see, drivers are paid as low as 24¢ a mile, but in a lot of cities, around 90¢ a mile. However, once Uber takes its cut, and expenses (gas, cleaning, maintenance, tires, etc.) are all figured in, if careful, the Driver can make as much as 6.5¢ a mile! This tends to average out to about $2 or $3 an hour for most drivers, and even less in cities that pay $24¢.

The sad thing is, Uber knows this and they just don’t care. Up until now, drivers have depended on the Uber surge pricing to make a living. That, coupled with the few that have a moral compass and give them a tip, is all that these Drivers have to make a living – even though that figures to about $5 or $6 an hour.

To me, you have three choices:

  1. Put pressure on Uber to be ethical in their business practices.
  2. When you order an Uber, pay the driver a tip. Because when you don’t, you are guilty of slave wages – because you are making that decision with the knowledge that they are performing a service for you, without a moral amount of compensation.
  3. Use Lyft. Lyft is better to their drivers, and encourages tipping because they know it’s the right thing to do.

SoCal Man Devastated to Learn He Can’t Afford Midlife-Crisis

He’d seen his dad, and his dad’s buddies do it. Both his grandpas talked about when they did it. So, naturally, he always figured, when the time came, he’d do it too. But now, when the time has come for him, he’s realized he can’t afford it what is a right of passage for men his age.

“It is this important milestone you know. A part of every man’s life, and – well, I’m quite literally having a crisis! I’ve realized I can’t afford to have a midlife-crisis – and that just makes me feel like I’ve lost my entire identity or something. I just feel like maybe my entire life up till now has been a waste.”

He said it all started when he woke up one day and realized he’d passed 30, would be pushing 35 soon, and “had little or nothing to show for it except crushed dreams, hard work, and a boss that I hate as much as he hates me.” He went on, “I mean, we just don’t respect each other as men.”

But, that wasn’t the worst of it he says. “So I’m thinking – I can fix this you know, maybe I can make it mean something – or at least figure out who I am. So I went down to the corvette dealership and picked out a red one – and they told me ‘sir, you just don’t qualify – for the new woman or the car. ‘ They might as well have told me I was going to die alone!”

He mused out loud, “god I’m lonely. Who the hell am I? I just don’t know anymore.”

Why Didn’t the News Report the Other Attacks?

I keep seeing posts – “why didn’t the news report the other attacks?” You want to know why? They did report it. YOU just weren’t watching the new or reading it. Instead, you were watching cat videos, being distracted by college kids throwing fits on national news, listening to and posting rhetoric, and/or posting upworthy/dailykos clickbait with misinformation, spam, or something they stole from someone else.

No, the problem is not that the news didn’t report it, the problem is that YOU didn’t care enough to be informed or read about it.

I saw it, I read it, and my heart broke and breaks for those people. From Baghdad, Lebanon, Italy, to France. Don’t believe me? Use or and see the timestamps, and you will see dated news that YOU ignored. So don’t blame everyone else for your lack of caring or inability to inform yourself. The information was there.Your politically correct post dissing those who feel for france, yet didn’t mention Baghdad, Milan, Beirut, or the other attacks is hypocritical, because you didn’t either till your entertainment sources told you you should.

Even now, when is the last time you watched or read world news? I don’t mean watched an entertainment channel like Fox or MSNBC. I mean actually read or watched the news. You see, it’s not that these people who didn’t know about the other bombings are bad, uncaring, or even prejudiced or racist. It’s that they, along with you care more about feeling, rhetoric, and entertainment that they do about being informed. Most people only tend to watch local news and those that are connected.

I’m tired of reading about and seeing these atrocities. Some days I just want to shut the news out. To pretend like so many people I know, that it’s not happening, because it’s not happening here at home – yet. But, I can’t – because I believe it’s a duty of every person to be informed. I believe that being uninformed would only be lending my ignorance to the evil doers. Only informed citizens can bring about change.

I Belong to a Hate Group, But I’m All About Love

Recently, BuzzFeed released a video, in which nice, kind, and loving people admit they belong to a hate group, but don’t believe in it’s teaching. I’m troubled by this desire to paint a hate group as a group that has been misunderstood and who’s ideas are the opposite. It does injustice to the millions of victims, who’s lives have been brutally destroyed and consumed.

In the video, members of the hate group “Christians,” repeatedly say, “I’m a Christian, but…” as they try to paint this religion as something it just isn’t. If you have to add “but,” something’s wrong. Watch the video above, and the below will make more sense.

I’m a Nazi, but I love Jews. I’m ISIS, but I’m against violence. I’m in the KKK, but I love black people. I’m a male chauvinists, but I’m a strong feminist. I follow Jesus, but don’t believe in any of the hate he preached, or the hell HE created. Instead, I deny that the clear written text and thousands of years of history even exist!

Why are we so intent on bending the truth and making Christianity seem nice and normal instead of realizing it’s fucked up?

You can be a nice person and be a Christian. However, it doesn’t change the text of the bible, the history of Christianity, or the fact that you’re not really a Christian because you’ve abandoned everything it stands for in the name of morals and love.

Claiming to be a christian and yet ignoring the overwhelming hate and violence of the religion is a breakdown in critical reasoning and calls into question your morality. You’re supporting a group that has perpetrated thousands of years of hate and trying to rewrite history while ignoring the overwhelming (written text and history) evidence to the contrary.

I’m tired of places like BuzzFeed and people who know nothing of christianity, trying to make religion something it’s not.

If Christianity and Jesus are true, you are wrong. Either follow it or don’t. But don’t make excuses why you want to be part of a hate group but then dismiss it’s teachings and the core of what it stands for.

I support your right to believe and think as you will. But, I’m also not going to pretend you are logical or have any shred of critical reasoning.

Comedy Central: “Gods Stole Our TV Show and Played it on National Scale”

Once again, the gods have taken and plagiarized a tv show script, using it in real life, according to Comedy Central.

“We’d spent months on this, fine-tuned the script, brought in our best writers – even shot the first episode. Then, next thing we know, our TV show was playing out in real life – for the whole world to see,” according to Steve Albani from Comedy Central.

The TV show, co-written and co-directed by Seth Macfarlane and Seth Rogan, with a working title “America’s Dumbest,” was set to air in place of The Daily Show while it was on break.

The basis of the show was to have some of the most unqualified and dumbest Americans run for president while saying crazy things. It’s characters included a diverse field of sociopaths.

There was an old real estate mongrel with uncontrollable hair and a pompous mouth. But people would love him even when he’s telling them to fuck off – because he’s so genuine and connects with people’s basic caveman instincts. He speaks before thinking and unabashedly refuses to apologize.

“Then, just to mix things up, we threw in a scary looking Canadian. We worked to get the perfect actor who’s smile would make people think – ‘how many people has this guy killed with an ax, and then poured maple syrup all over?’,” McFarlane said.

“We added a doctor to the mix. A real smart guy, who did brain surgery by day, but was secretly keeping his mistress in his basement,” Rogan said.

There was a robot too. A female one. A fembot. She looked like a woman, but you could tell when she smiled, it was just fake – or, you know, when she laughed. The laugh was almost horrifying. She had been a web server, but rebelled and took on the form of a woman. She’s dishonest, but she has a huge following because people want a woman.

The last main character is an old, gentleman. He’s an unwavering socialist. He wants to do all the things that his generation opposed, but that the new generation wants. He’s their hero – but people are afraid to support him.

Then there were all the other supporting characters. A former governor and preacher turned politician. An eye doctor who’s main line was “I see freedom.” A woman who had never been successful at anything, but was incredibly rich.

“Just to mix it up, we threw in some others – and Seth just had to have a man who’s name means something to do with poop. I think Rogan and his fans always expect that edgy humor,” McFarlane said.

Comedy Central said they are frustrated, though, because this isn’t the first time that a god or goddess has taken one of their scripts and made it real life before they could adapt it to TV. “It’s plagiarism,” Albani said.  “But what are we going to do? Send captain Picard after them, or ask for a hearing before the yet to be discovered universe court?”

A Ride Home

Last night, I was riding my Harley back from Montebello (to Dana Point), after spending the night playing Game of Thrones. I was coming down the 605, and pulled off to get gasoline, but found when I excited that the exit went straight into a residential neighbourhood. Trying to find another on-ramp, I went in the direction that seemed logical.

I was surprised to see someone up at 4 am in the morning, but a big white guy and a woman were sitting in the driveway, and he was holding what looked like a shotgun across his lap. I tried to avoid eye contact, but they both stopped talking and their gaze followed me, and he adjusted his gun as I passed. I know I was profiling him, but it was unnerving to see him sitting there – watching me. I was relieved after passing him, only to find that I ended up on a street that T’d into two dead-end streets, so I had to go back by him again. This time, he stood up.

I finally found the road leading to the onramp, and got back on the interstate (605 S), and pulled off a few exits down to find a gas station. As I was going down the on-ramp, my Harley shut off. All lights, including emergency lights went off. I pushed to the side, and opened the batter cover to find that two of the wires had come off the bolt. I was able to set them into place so that I could ride to the gas station that was within sight.

I pulled into the gas station and then fuelled up, and then went to the window to get change (it was Arco). A young Middle Eastern man with a thick accent was there, and I asked him if they sold wrenches. He didn’t know what the word was, so I told him I had a bolt loose and he went to the back room and came back with pliers. I was able to rewire my lights, ignition, and fuel pump and connect it to the battery. We talked a little about bikes – he wants to get a Harley. He was so polite and friendly.

I guess the thing I was thinking about as I left, is we are so quick to judge as a society. Neither of these people probably posed a danger to me, but I think in a lot of cases, the latter would have been judged – purely because of his skin color and the fact he’s an immigrant. Things he’s can’t change about himself.

Thanks James Dobson – For Gay Marriage

Yes, today, I’d like to thank James Dobson for gay marriage. I know, you’re thinking but Dobson hates gays and the homosexual lifestyle. You are right. He does. But it was he and his neocon friends that made this an issue and finally forced the SCOTUS to rule on the constitutionality of it. Had it not been for leaders like Dobson, and organizations like his Focus on the Family and Family Research Council, I believe that gay marriage wouldn’t yet be legal.

“I am a fierce supporter of domestic-partnership and civil-union laws. I am not a supporter of gay marriage as it has been thrown about, primarily just as a strategic issue. I think that marriage, in the minds of a lot of voters, has a religious connotation. I know that’s true in the African-American community, for example.” – Obama, 2004

You see, before these organizations and their sheep started pushing for public policy, laws and state constitutional amendments, very few even on the left cared about gay rights. Clinton, Obama, and many others dismissed gays and their rights, as did the Democratic party. But, as the neocons continued to take over in the Republican party and “family values” became more of a push, Democrats naturally took an opposing view.

The pushing from the neocons pushed gay right and marriage into the national spotlight. However, because it came at a time when Republicans aren’t so popular, their pushing forced many to take a second look and consider the moral and legal justification for denying them the same basic rights as any other consenting adult. Many on the left who adamantly opposed their rights, changed their views, many because they looked at the facts, many because they go where they DNC takes them.

I’m continually hearing how Christians feel persecuted by the new ruling. Now they know (a little) how the LGBTQI feels and felt when they try to use the government to infringe on their personal lives. I have a hard time taking them seriously when so many of them have all of a sudden decided that “the government shouldn’t be involved in marriage,” after for so many years they have fought to have them involved. You see, when you set the precedence for the government being involved, you risk the government being involved and doing what the other side wants.

I don’t think the government should be involved in marriage personally. It’s none of their business. If I want to make a commitment to another consenting adult or adults, that’s mine and their rights. If christian folks want a threeson with a man, a woman, and Jesus Christ, that’s their right. It’s not the government’s business. Instead, the government should offer civil unions – available to any consenting adults who want a legal contract. And benefits? The government shouldn’t be giving tax breaks or other benefits for being married. That needs to end. Civil unions will allow all couples to have the legal rights.

This is the position that christians should have taken  – that all should take. This is the position that would have allowed them to live as they please, but would have allowed the rest of us to live as we please. But, they were so blinded by a desire to force their ideals on others, that they pushed to have the government violate the basic rights of other human beings in the name of their faith.

So, thank you to all the christians for marriage equality!